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As a voice coach, Kat first started out as an opera singer and studied classical voice pedagogy. She received two degrees in music and acting at Salve Regina University, and then transitioned to acting, which enabled her to study every voice technique under the sun. Through her master's degree in acting at the Actors Studio Drama School, she trained in the Linklater voice technique and then developed her own style from the wide variety of training she has received. Kat prides herself helping her students find their natural and healthy voice no matter what kind of stress they are working under such as acting, singing, dancing, or public speaking. She has now been teaching for five years to a very diverse group of people and guarantees a personalized single lesson based on individual needs.

As an acting coach, Kat has been acting since she was a child and has now turned her passion into a career. She got MFA from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University under legendary teachers such as Elizabeth Kemp, Susan Aston, Jacqueline Knapp, and many more. Now she has taken her training and is using it to help others understand the craft of acting. She teaches her students how to dive deep into the waters of their emotional life and connect to their characters on a deeper level. Through text analysis, voice, movement, and emotional work, Kat will show you how to bring your whole self to a character.

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